Feeding Orang Utan 3 Day 2 Night

The Most Popular Progam. Advance booking is required during high se.

Feeding Orang Utan 3 Day 2 Night

The Most Popular Progam. Advance booking is required during high se.

Feeding Orang Utan 3 Day 2 Night

The Most Popular Progam. Advance booking is required during high se.

Long Island Pontianak Birding and Monkey Seeing

Enjoy the spectacular and amazing of the Pontianak Birding and Monkey Seeing. The world's only tropical paradise

Long Island Pontianak Birding and Monkey Seeing

Enjoy the spectacular and amazing of the Pontianak Birding and Monkey Seeing. The world's only tropical paradise

Wednesday, 26 October 2016


Kenayatn Tribe Longhouse, in Saham village West Kalimantan, Borneo Indonesia

Longhouse Saham is a traditional house to the Dayak Kenayatn tribe situated north east to Pontianak, It takes 4 hour driving, through hilly and curve road, through rubber plantation in some places. It completer your experience to the real Dayak Culture, as you will be guided by the inhabitant of the longhouse. It is occupied 140 people in the 180m long house and 46 extended families. They live in a very strong social relationship, ever in the
Birding Watching Mangrove Forest Mempawah

Singkawang is a China Town, where the fist time hundreds years ago Chinese landed in the city after months sailing to the south from china land. Nowadays, they are the majority in the town. Therefore, this town is also well known as China Town and Hong Kong of West Borneo.
The journey from Saham Village to Chine Town Singkawang goes through small villages and stops are flexible whenever interested to an object. One of the stop is mad in Bethesda Church, where the first time American Missionary Aviation made airstrip in West Borneo Kalimantan. Here small tour is made to see the American Managed Hospital, where there are specialists and it is outstanding hospital up to the present.
In the late afternoon the tour is continued and overnight in Singkawang.

1. Day 1 Leaving for Kampong Saham Long house
(1). Departing time at 7: 00 am,
(2). 08:00 am, make one stop at Kadariah Palce & Moaque Jami’ of Sultan Syarif Abdurrahman Alqadri, built in 1771.
(3). 08:30 Equator monument
(4). 10: 15 a.m. stop for coffee and boiled eggs, in Sungai Pinyuh.
Sunset in Kapuas Rive, Pontianak
(5). 12.00 a.m. On the way historical monument, Taman Juang Mandor, you can take some photograph at rice field of Ajungan.
(6). 12:30 p.m. we arrive in Pahuman a small town where we make a stop for lunch.
(7). 13: 45 lunch the tour arrives in the Long House. Relaxing in the long house and learning the Dayak’s daily activity.
(8). 15:30 take walk around the village.
(9). 17:30 come back to the long house.
(10). 19: 30 dinner.
(11). Free program (traditional dance can be possibly organized) 
Anjungan Rice Field
2. Day 2 Saham Long House- China Town Singkawang (BLD)
(12). 5:30 am  journey started to follow the real Dayaks’ daily activities, cutting rubber bark and collecting rubber Milk (latex)
(13). 9:00 am after breakfast, the journey leaves the longhouse proceed through Sidas, Daret, Simpang Tiga Village and
(14). 12:30 pm Bengkayang a place to stop for lunch. In the afternoon the tour continued heading to the Besteshda Church through old road built by Dutch Colonial, Mandereng Hills.
(15). 15:00 Journey leaves for Singkawang through Villages of Salantan District and Pak Kuching Distric.
(16). 6:30 The journey arrives in Singkawang (free program)

3. Day 3 Singkawang – Pontianak (BLD)
(17). 8:00 am Journey started after breakfast visits a traditional Chinese Ceramic industry in Sak Kok Village throughout downtown and is continued to botanical garden Bougainvillea Park.
(18). 2:00pm after Lunch the journey is continued to Pasir Panjang Beach, a sandy beach with scenery of the South Cine Sea.
(19). 17:00pm the journey goes back heading to Pontianak.
(20). 19:00pm the journey arrive to Pontianak, transferring service into hotel (the tour program ends).
Fresh Pineapple harvesting in Galang Village
What’s it like? It is easy suitable to any ages and it is the way to explore a half of west Borneo in knowing the origin of the Kenayatn Community.
The grade: fairly easy
Transports: mini bus, some walking to the rubber plantation.
Accommodation: 1 night in the Longhouse, 1 night hotel in Singkawang.
Meals: 3 lunches 2 dinner, and 2 breakfast.
Departure: guaranteed
Trip dossier: available on request
Note: mosquito net and anti insect jelly are required.

Price: US$250/pax minimum 2 paxs

Alex Afdhal?
consult: Lonely planet Indonesia the 7th edition 2003, p. 673, the 8th edition 2006, p. 610, and the Lonely Planet Borneo edition 2007, p. 237.” The Rough Guide to Southeast Asia on a budget, 1st edition, Nov., 2008, p.373/4
Feel free to contact at +62 811 566 008/+62 811 562 5678 (mobile)

Monday, 26 September 2016

Borneo Access Adventurer

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We are the only travel agency that serve multy-days activities from a simple full day tour up to the off the bitten track crossing Borneo Islan

Borneo Access Adventure. It is a tour operator that serves tour and Adventure activities managed owned by Alex Afdhal, a knowledgeable person as an active tourist guide of 16 years experienced.

It Bases in Borneo’s Western Port City and of Pontianak. It specializes in organizing and leading guided tours throughout the wilds of the island. It offer visitors first hand access to both pristine jungle wilderness and numerous indigenous villages in Borneo, Indonesia or Kalimantan, Indonesian. Lacking a large tourist infrastructure, Borneo Access Adventure gives visitors the rare opportunity to experience both nature and local communities at their own pace, with their own schedule and on their own budget, in Borneo Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Borneo Access Adventure is the only access for those seeking wildlife, Kalimantan’s raw wilderness that offers numerous possibilities. With protected orangutan sanctuaries and large swaths of virgin rainforests teaming with life, Borneo Kalimantan, Indonesian is a nature enthusiast’s paradise.

Dr. Roth Michel (French) compares Borneo Indonesia with other places, he has visited in 2006 and he says;“It was great, with smalls trecks in forests near volcanos, but less magic than travelling in Borneo with you. Thanks again for every things you managed for us, with your experience and your friends. We'll never forget that.”

About tourist guide look like Borneo Access Adventure, Jacob Thomas (USA) says;“Alex is a tourist guide and tour operator who is truly concerned for the environment and indigenous people of Borneo.

Certainly he is off the beaten backpacker path, but he can introduce you to far more authentic and less commercialistic communities than you would encounter on the Malaysian side. For those who are serious about knowing and understanding the true beauty of this island, they must speak to this man first.”

For your comfortably request, David Garza and Gustavo Zaera did as follows. “Alex, I’m interested in coming there in September, after the 9th - do you have any trips planned for then? I would like to go on a 17 day trip - can I fly from Manila to Borneo?

Of course, 16 experiences and good network with many working partners make Borneo Access Adventure mature in conducting tour and Adventures.For those interested in cultural matters, Kalimantan affords the opportunity to visit traditional communities rarely visited by the outside world. And Borneo Access Adventure is the right tour operator that able to make your dream comes true.

This alone separates from other travel destinations, including even any side of Borneo Island. Treks into the heartland allow visitors to experience the culture of local life and customs of its inhabitants in a manner not found anywhere else on earth.

With an island wide network of local connections Borneo Access Adventure is able to custom tailor tours for its travel companions. These tours can range from simple overnight visits to a traditional Dayak Longhouse, to multi day treks through virgin rainforest all the way up to full, month long, coast to coast adventures across Borneo.

Please contact me at :
Jl. Imam Bonjol/Jl. Tanjung Harapan
Gg. H. D. Usman Rt. 3, Rw. 2, No. 46
Pontianak 78124
Phone : +62 812 5768066 (mobile)
Email : tasurifadly@gmail.com or alexafdhal@yahoo.com

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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Recommendation letter for Alex Afdahl by Gustavo Zaera


My girlfriend Mari and I traveled Indonesia for 1,5 months in 2006. We met Alex Afdahl by coincidence, through a common friend that lives outside of Singkawang. Alex offered to guide us from Pontianak in Kalimantan Barat, through the heart of Borneo, to Samarinda in Kalimantan Timur. The crossing would take 3 weeks.
Being backpackers at heart, and always seeking unexplored territories, my  girlfriend and I accepted Alex' offer after a brief discussion. We were very unprepared for such a trip, but Alex helped us find most of the necessary gear.
We spent the next 3 weeks with Alex, where he guided us through the busy streets of Pontianak, to the off­ the­ map city of Putussibau , up the Kapuas river,
to the last village in Kalimantan Barat, Tanjung Lokang.

Here, Alex used his connections to hire some trustworthy local guides that would
enter take us through the national park, over the mountains, to Long Bangung in Kalimantan Timur.

Unfortunately, my girlfriend and I had gotten sick in Putussibau from some bad food, and we had to
turn around after two days of trekking. We were efficiently taken to the hospital in Putussibau where we were treated for e­coli. This whole time, Alex kept our spirits up, and the experience was so good, that I promised to return in 2008 to complete the journey.

And so I did. In July of 2008, my friend Allan  and I met up with Alex in Putussibau, and followed the same path my girlfriend and I had done two years earlier. Allan and I were very wary of what we ate until we entered the jungle, ensuring to not get ill from food or water. Knowing what to expect, we were much better prepared Mari and I were two years earlier. This time we made the crossing with no incidents.

In my work as a CTO for FreeCode AS, an IT firm located in Oslo, Norway, I know how important it is to have service minded and trustful employees. Alex is service minded, positive, energetic and very friendly.

I whole heartedly recommend Alex as a guide if you want to experience a side of Kalimantan that you otherwise would not have known. The entire way, Alex ensured that we had enough food and drinks, that we were not left out of conversations, that our moods were up during the hardest (GUSTAVO ZAERA RAYA )

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Full Day Tour Long Island Pontianak

Photo courtesy http://www.borneoaccessadventurer.com/
Photo courtesy http://www.borneoaccessadventurer.com/

Long Island Pontianak Tour “A” tour combines Nature Wetland, and Culture of the Suburban River Life. The Long Island offers beauty of scenery, bird watching and m0nkey watching and boat riding. It is reachable 45 minutes by motorised canoe. The culture of the river live offer local culture of the people on the

Kapuas River banks that offers friendliness of local community. Photo taking means something special for the local people many time will asking you if you do not mind to picture with them.

The tour begins in Pontianak. The tour begins by visiting Pontianak Traditional market. It starts adventure tour 07:30am, it spends 45 minutes witnessing daily-activity. The tour proceed to Eastern side of Pontianak it takes about 20 minutes crossing the Kapuas Bridge, heading to where the oldest heritages Kadriyah Palace and Majid Jami, Grand Mosque Sultan Syarif Abdurrahman Al-Qadry was founded in 1771.
The tour proceeds to the most popular of Pontianak Equator Monument. It is situated in the notern side of the City. The landmark offers typical nature where on the 21-23 of March and September, adventure tour 11:45 any standing object does not have any shadow for the sun exactly right above equator-areas.

After visiting the landmark the tour proceed to State Museum, Longhouse of Dayak and the Limas House of Malay in the Southern Pontianak, befire the adventure to the Long Island is begun.

Lunch is served in the Local Reastaurant adventure tour 12:30

Adventure tour about 2:45 the Long Island Adventure trip is begun. It start from Pontianak Waterfront or is popular as Taman Alun Kapuas. Boat ride down the Kapuas river down to the estuary. It offers the scnery of Pontianak from the river. Downward the Dwikora Seaport, Finishe Harbour and the Jeruju Village. Some times meeting people on small canoe conducting traditional fishing.

Adventure tour about 30 minutes the boat arrive in Batu Layang Island, Floating Island and the arrive in the Long Island. 

Enjoy river life in the afternoon from the River.

Price:        USD $100.00 per person minimum 2 pax

Includes:    All transport (picked up and transfer service in the hotel, River Boating), English Speaking Driver-Guide  Lunch, in the floating Restaurant, soft drinks during the tour,  Entrance fee, in any places are visited

Excludes:     Tipping, extra expenses (souvenir, alcoholic drinking)


in the hearth of Borneo Island Indonesia

Traditional Woven Clothes of Ibanese

19 Days 18 Night Crossing Borneo Island Overland from Pontianak, in the West ends in Balikpapan the East Coast offers full adventure; bus riding, river boating, and jungle trekking where the journey presents ultimate scenery of the most rugged Island in the globe.

It is special interest program for active and energetic travelers organized by experienced people. This program occupies strength of rally on hard road, challenging rapids of Kapuas Rivers and Mahakam Rives,
and high level of fitness, adventurous spirit and strong sense of determination. Do you want to join? Learn the following experience of the real adventure.

Jungle trekking starts from Tanjung Lokang goes through the middle of nowhere in the depth rain forest. It takes 6-7 days (depends on the weather situation). The Dayak tribe Guides lead to the journey to reach small village Muara Ubung, up stream of Mahakam river in East Kalimantan

Crossing Borneo Experiences
(1).     Day 1 Pontianak You can arrive in our joining hotel, as today there are no planned activities visiting Grand Mosque Jami’, Qadariah Palace, Equator monument, and eldest Buddhist temple in right on the bank of the Kapuas river.

(2).    Day 2 Pontianak – Sintang Departing Pontianak we travel over the equator area through rubber, palm olive plantation. Stopover for lunch is Sanggau, district that presents more Dayak society. The journey of today takes 7 to 8 hours climbing of the Kelam, weather permitting. 

(3).    Day 3 Sintang-Mountain Kelam-Baning Park Taking public transport journey is continued to Bukit Kelam (Bukit means hill, and Kelam means dark), it just a giant stone situated  17km northeast of Sintang. It is a place to measure your strength to cross Borneo. If you fit enough and not give up here, let us continue crossing. Nevertheless, if you give up here, you could say “go on your trip crossers” I take U-turn, means I am going back to Pontianak. Do not be too much worry, we (Borneo Access Adventurer) rewards for you are not able to follow your group. In the afternoon after your ability test (climbing the hill), the tour continued to Baning Park. This is a home to primary rain forest in town.
Rain Forest of Betung Kerihun national Park West Borneo
in the Heart of Borneo Island, Muller Range Rain-forest
(4).    Day 4 Sintang - Putusibau overland (BLD), a full day trip goes through plantation area and sometimes off road.

(5).    Day 5 Putusibau. It is the right moment to organized entry permit and completing requirement in the authority of the National Park Betung Karihun.  To release your tired some Putusibau is a place for a city sightseeing before continuing our journey tomorrow morning.

(6).    Day 6 Putusibau-Nanga Bungan (BLD) boat riding reaches unpredictable distance, depends on the strength of current. Some time in certain places amazing women with stretched earlobes fully tattooed fishing in the river. River boating goes up the Kapuas River, the current of presents feeling of adventure and sometimes pumping up adrenalin for it getting stronger. However, if the boat cannot reach the Bungan, Mata Luna Village is the alternative and the worst is camping in Batu Tiga.

(7).    Day 7 Nanga Bungan-Tanjung Lokang (BLD) nerve–still and
Nowhere in the hearth of Borneo Island
knowledgeable boatmen are required for the rapids are completely wild. In certain places take off and full the boat where is not sailable. However, stunned by beauty of the nature sometimes makes viewer feels go through a dreaming

Punan Tribe the Aboriginal Borneo
land. At about midday the bout has to cross rapid an absolute point to take off the boat, called Hororoi, having crossed it is the time for lunch. If the water level is low, from Horori up to Tanjung Lokang there are places take of and push the boat, (real jungle boating).

(8).    Day 8 Tanjung Lokang (BLD) Jungle boating is now finish. It is now the right time to relaxing. A full day free program, accompanied by our local guide familiarity trip around the village is also can be organized. Knowing the Punan People and their activity is a nice experience for they are the most uncivilized society in Borneo.

(9).    Day 9 - 16 Jungle Trekking (BLD) Jungle trekking starts from Tanjung Lokang goes to the east trough nowhere in 67 days guided by Punan Dayak
water bus up stream Mahakam River Borneo Indonesia
Guide to end the journey in a small village, Muara Ubung. The trekking starts at 8:00 AM and ends at 5:00 PM. This part is really spends energy walking through primary rain forest up and down the hill through Muller Range, down to Muaraubung, overnight in Tiong Ohang

(10).    Day 17 Tiong Ohang – Long Bangun (BLD) on the lucky, the water level is moderate, speedboat of 26-seat capacity goes down to Long Bangun every morning. The journey passing District Long Pangai, Long Tuyuk, and Data Suling passed Riam Panjang (long rapid) is the most challenging and rapid is so extreme. It is the most extreme point ever in Mahakam River. However, prominent   boatman went on the rapid safely to Long Bagun. overnight in the water bus seeking for comfortable space is better for the 3 days journey to Samarinda. 

(11).    Day 18 -19 Long Bagun - Tenggarong That day, the tour proceeded down the Mahakam River on the houseboat. The boat left Long Bagun District at 7:30 AM down the districts; Long Merah/ Rukun Damai 2:45 arrives in Data Bilang, more civilized and are better floating houses everywhere in the river, at 5:30pm arrive in Long Iram, and proceeded to Mellak at 11:30PM, overnight in
Coffin Box of Punan Tribe
the houseboat. The next day 6:30AM arrives in Kota Bangun, capital city of Kutai Barat Regency. The Boat Proceeded down the Mahakam to Tenggarong, Capital city of Kutai Kertanegara Regency. Tenggarong offers alternatives to stay, to eat. Kumala Island is one of the places to visit, where a resort hotel in Kumala resort is situated.

(12).    Day 20 Tenggarong – Samarinda after a night relaxing in the Tenggarong City, the tour proceeded overland to Samarinda. It took one hour by rent car. Samarinda is the busiest city in East Borneo. bunch of experience is this evening.

(13).    Day 21 Samarinda – Balikpapan from in the morning overland by bus, and in the afternoon enjoy Balikpapan City Sight Seeing, continues with night trip in the metro petroleum city of Indonesia.

Includes    : All transports: minibus, speedboat, houseboat, and jungle walk.

Accommodation:     budget hotels, guesthouse, and camping is the most basic
Art Work Of Paser Tribe
one. Meals:     full board, in the local restaurant. During the jungle trekking meals is provided by the team of the porters and local guide.

The Fact:     What is it like? It is a full adventure. Very high level of fitness, adventurous spirit and strong sense of determination are required to walk 6 to 8 hours in the wet, muddy and hilly. Nevertheless, the rewards to effort are experience the remotest place on the globe. It is well worth to your effort, isn’t it?

The grade:     Very challengingTransports:     minibus, speedboat, houseboat, and jungle walk.

Accommodation:     budget hotels, guesthouse, and camping is the most basic one.
Departure:     guaranteed
Monumental Made made Islamic Center, Samarinda,Indonesia
Trip dossier:     available upon request
Meals:     full board, the local restaurant. Meals is provided by the team of the porters and local guide. Allow US$ 150 for extra meals.
Requirements:     such as mosquito net anti insect jelly are required sleeping-bag.
Group size:  small group 2 person and big group 8 person maximum
Price:     $$ subjected to change without prior notice     in a group.


•    Public land transfer, public boat and long boat as per program.
•    Accommodation as per program (twin share at hotel).
•    Full board meals during the trip.
•    English speaking guide.
•    Air-ticket Putussibau to Pontianak
•    Donation & entrance fee.
•    Soft drink and alcoholic beverages.
•    Porter and airport tax
•    Personal expenses.
•    Insurance ( owning travel insurance is compulsory for Borneo Access Adventurer does not include insurance into the tour price).
•    Any expenses incurred due to all causes beyond the program.

  1. All bookings are to be made either by fax or email
  2.  Deposited 50% of tour price, to be remitted twenty (21) days before the time of  arrival, by transfer. Price subject to change depend on the USD toward Indonesian Currency
  3.  The tour is Special Interest Tour. Participant will be required to sign a separate Liability–Release Form (Waiver) to do this tour.  
  4.  Porter in trekking is for logistics only. Extra Porter hires Rp. 3.000.000, a porter (one medium bag pack).
  5.  All porter should share to bring the equipment and logistic are required during the trip.

Cancellation charges may occur for transport, carriers, accommodation, restaurant, guide booking, correspondence costs and other component that use on the program, this fee should be charged to the clients.

REFUND: There will be no refund once your arrival.

RESPONSIBILITY: Every participant shall be regarded in every respect as carrying his–her own risk with respect to loss or injury to person or property. We do not accept responsibility for losses or expenses result.

LIABILITY: We acts as intermediary for transport, carriers, accommodation, restaurant and other component that use during the program, assumes no responsible for any delay, change of schedules, loss, damage, injury, theft, accident, and irregularity.

Due to all causes beyond the program, we reserve the right, without penalty, to alter itineraries or program.


Travel bag, sleeping bag, rain coat, suntan lotion, hat, T–Shirt, paddling–beach sandals, comfortable walking–trekking shoes with extra socks, binocular, flash light with extra bulb and batteries, Camera + extra films, towels, mosquito–insect repellent, personal medicine, for souvenirs and other personal expenses please bring Rupiah.

Consult: “Lonely Planet Indonesia the 7th edition 2003, p. 673, the 8th edition 2006, p. 610, and the Lonely Planet Borneo edition 2007, p. 237.” The Rough Guide to Southeast Asia on a budget, 1st edition, Nov. 2008, p.373/4 Consult the latest edition for you perfect references and Bile of your Tour.