Sunday, 15 September 2019


  1. 6 Hours Pontianak City Sightseeing
    Pontianak the only town in Indonesia situated right on the equator line and divided by Kapuas River, and situated in the equator line, there’re is also well known Equator City. It is founded in 1771 Syarif Abdurrahman Al-Qadri, and now Pontianak is divided into 6 sub district.

    Pontianak plays important role and strategic place for trading. Pontianak lies astride the confluence of Kapuas and Landak River. Pontianak got it name from Kuntilanak which means women apparition appears in the night and sometimes seduces men for a help and she suddenly disappear in the dark.  Clik here for the details
  2. 21 Days Crossing Borneo
    19 days crossing Borneo stars in Pontianak, West ends in Balikpapan the East Coast offers full adventure; bus riding, river boating, and jungle trekking where the journey presents ultimate scenery of the most rugged Island in the globe.

    It is special interest program for active and energetic travelers organized by experienced people. This program occupies strength of rally on hard road, challenging rapids of Kapuas Rivers and Mahakam Rives, and high level of fitness, adventurous spirit and strong sense of determination. Do you want to join? Learn the following experience of the real adventure.
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  3. Full Day Tour Long Island Pontianak
    Long Island Pontianak Tour “A” tour combines Nature Wetland, and Culture of the Suburban River Life. The Long Island offers beauty of scenery, bird watching and m0nkey watching and boat riding. It is reachable 45 minutes by motorized canoe. The culture of the river live offer local culture of the people on the

    Kapuas River banks that offers friendliness of local community. Photo taking means something special for the local people many time will asking you if you do not mind to picture with them.
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  1. I registered for the tour and will be hoping that it will turn out to be the best adventurous trip of my life. Will be joining the camp and group soon in 2 or 3 days.