Wednesday, 21 September 2016


Senatarum Lake National Park West Kalimantan Indonesia

I am Alex Afdhal, the local tourist guide. I have been working as Tourist Guide since 1994; I am based in Borneo’s western port city of Pontianak.I specialize in organizing and leading guided tours throughout the wilds of Borneo Island Indonesian. I offer first hand access to both pristine jungle wilderness and numerous indigenous villages in Kalimantan, lacking a large tourist infrastructure, give visitors the rare opportunity to experience both nature and local communities at their own pace, with their own schedule, and on their own budget.
Floating Village in the Danau Sentarum National Park

I am the guide for those seeking wildlife, Kalimantan’s raw wilderness offers numerous possibilities, protected orangutan sanctuaries and large swaths of virgin rain forests teaming with life. I am the guide into Indonesian Borneo, a nature of enthusiasts paradise.

Those interested in cultural matters, Kalimantan affords the opportunity to visit traditional communities rarely visited by the outside world. This alone separates Kalimantan from other travel destinations, including even the Malaysian side of the same island! Treks into the heartland allow visitors to experience the culture of local life and customs of its inhabitants in a manner not found anywhere else on earth.

With an island wide network of local connections he is able to custom tailor tours for his travel

companions. The tours can range from simple full day tour visits to traditional Dayak Longhouse up to multi-day treks through virgin rain-forest all the way up to full month long coast-to-coast adventures across Borneo.



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