Thursday, 22 September 2016

Recommendation letter for Alex Afdahl by Gustavo Zaera


My girlfriend Mari and I traveled Indonesia for 1,5 months in 2006. We met Alex Afdahl by coincidence, through a common friend that lives outside of Singkawang. Alex offered to guide us from Pontianak in Kalimantan Barat, through the heart of Borneo, to Samarinda in Kalimantan Timur. The crossing would take 3 weeks.
Being backpackers at heart, and always seeking unexplored territories, my  girlfriend and I accepted Alex' offer after a brief discussion. We were very unprepared for such a trip, but Alex helped us find most of the necessary gear.
We spent the next 3 weeks with Alex, where he guided us through the busy streets of Pontianak, to the off­ the­ map city of Putussibau , up the Kapuas river,
to the last village in Kalimantan Barat, Tanjung Lokang.

Here, Alex used his connections to hire some trustworthy local guides that would
enter take us through the national park, over the mountains, to Long Bangung in Kalimantan Timur.

Unfortunately, my girlfriend and I had gotten sick in Putussibau from some bad food, and we had to
turn around after two days of trekking. We were efficiently taken to the hospital in Putussibau where we were treated for e­coli. This whole time, Alex kept our spirits up, and the experience was so good, that I promised to return in 2008 to complete the journey.

And so I did. In July of 2008, my friend Allan  and I met up with Alex in Putussibau, and followed the same path my girlfriend and I had done two years earlier. Allan and I were very wary of what we ate until we entered the jungle, ensuring to not get ill from food or water. Knowing what to expect, we were much better prepared Mari and I were two years earlier. This time we made the crossing with no incidents.

In my work as a CTO for FreeCode AS, an IT firm located in Oslo, Norway, I know how important it is to have service minded and trustful employees. Alex is service minded, positive, energetic and very friendly.

I whole heartedly recommend Alex as a guide if you want to experience a side of Kalimantan that you otherwise would not have known. The entire way, Alex ensured that we had enough food and drinks, that we were not left out of conversations, that our moods were up during the hardest (GUSTAVO ZAERA RAYA )


  1. Super couple, crossing Borneo Island

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