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Kenayatn Tribe Longhouse, in Saham village West Kalimantan, Borneo Indonesia

Longhouse Saham is a traditional house to the Dayak Kenayatn tribe situated north east to Pontianak, It takes 4 hour driving, through hilly and curve road, through rubber plantation in some places. It completer your experience to the real Dayak Culture, as you will be guided by the inhabitant of the longhouse. It is occupied 140 people in the 180m long house and 46 extended families. They live in a very strong social relationship, ever in the
Birding Watching Mangrove Forest Mempawah

Singkawang is a China Town, where the fist time hundreds years ago Chinese landed in the city after months sailing to the south from china land. Nowadays, they are the majority in the town. Therefore, this town is also well known as China Town and Hong Kong of West Borneo.
The journey from Saham Village to Chine Town Singkawang goes through small villages and stops are flexible whenever interested to an object. One of the stop is mad in Bethesda Church, where the first time American Missionary Aviation made airstrip in West Borneo Kalimantan. Here small tour is made to see the American Managed Hospital, where there are specialists and it is outstanding hospital up to the present.
In the late afternoon the tour is continued and overnight in Singkawang.

1. Day 1 Leaving for Kampong Saham Long house
(1). Departing time at 7: 00 am,
(2). 08:00 am, make one stop at Kadariah Palce & Moaque Jami’ of Sultan Syarif Abdurrahman Alqadri, built in 1771.
(3). 08:30 Equator monument
(4). 10: 15 a.m. stop for coffee and boiled eggs, in Sungai Pinyuh.
Sunset in Kapuas Rive, Pontianak
(5). 12.00 a.m. On the way historical monument, Taman Juang Mandor, you can take some photograph at rice field of Ajungan.
(6). 12:30 p.m. we arrive in Pahuman a small town where we make a stop for lunch.
(7). 13: 45 lunch the tour arrives in the Long House. Relaxing in the long house and learning the Dayak’s daily activity.
(8). 15:30 take walk around the village.
(9). 17:30 come back to the long house.
(10). 19: 30 dinner.
(11). Free program (traditional dance can be possibly organized) 
Anjungan Rice Field
2. Day 2 Saham Long House- China Town Singkawang (BLD)
(12). 5:30 am  journey started to follow the real Dayaks’ daily activities, cutting rubber bark and collecting rubber Milk (latex)
(13). 9:00 am after breakfast, the journey leaves the longhouse proceed through Sidas, Daret, Simpang Tiga Village and
(14). 12:30 pm Bengkayang a place to stop for lunch. In the afternoon the tour continued heading to the Besteshda Church through old road built by Dutch Colonial, Mandereng Hills.
(15). 15:00 Journey leaves for Singkawang through Villages of Salantan District and Pak Kuching Distric.
(16). 6:30 The journey arrives in Singkawang (free program)

3. Day 3 Singkawang – Pontianak (BLD)
(17). 8:00 am Journey started after breakfast visits a traditional Chinese Ceramic industry in Sak Kok Village throughout downtown and is continued to botanical garden Bougainvillea Park.
(18). 2:00pm after Lunch the journey is continued to Pasir Panjang Beach, a sandy beach with scenery of the South Cine Sea.
(19). 17:00pm the journey goes back heading to Pontianak.
(20). 19:00pm the journey arrive to Pontianak, transferring service into hotel (the tour program ends).
Fresh Pineapple harvesting in Galang Village
What’s it like? It is easy suitable to any ages and it is the way to explore a half of west Borneo in knowing the origin of the Kenayatn Community.
The grade: fairly easy
Transports: mini bus, some walking to the rubber plantation.
Accommodation: 1 night in the Longhouse, 1 night hotel in Singkawang.
Meals: 3 lunches 2 dinner, and 2 breakfast.
Departure: guaranteed
Trip dossier: available on request
Note: mosquito net and anti insect jelly are required.

Price: US$250/pax minimum 2 paxs

Alex Afdhal?
consult: Lonely planet Indonesia the 7th edition 2003, p. 673, the 8th edition 2006, p. 610, and the Lonely Planet Borneo edition 2007, p. 237.” The Rough Guide to Southeast Asia on a budget, 1st edition, Nov., 2008, p.373/4
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  1. Super,
    I am pleased recommend that is a professional organization, specializing in tour and adventure. We took tours: Longhouse Tour and Long Island Pontianak. Those were amazing.
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  2. Super,
    I am pleased recommend that is a professional organization, specializing in tour and adventure. We took tours: Longhouse Tour and Long Island Pontianak. Those were amazing.
    Best regards,