Feeding Orang Utan 3 Day 2 Night

The Most Popular Progam. Advance booking is required during high se.

Feeding Orang Utan 3 Day 2 Night

The Most Popular Progam. Advance booking is required during high se.

Feeding Orang Utan 3 Day 2 Night

The Most Popular Progam. Advance booking is required during high se.

Long Island Pontianak Birding and Monkey Seeing

Enjoy the spectacular and amazing of the Pontianak Birding and Monkey Seeing. The world's only tropical paradise

Long Island Pontianak Birding and Monkey Seeing

Enjoy the spectacular and amazing of the Pontianak Birding and Monkey Seeing. The world's only tropical paradise

Tuesday, 17 September 2019


Mangrove Park Mempawah
Mangrove forest tour not only a our that presents happiness, but visitors directly contribute, Environmental Conservation.
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Sunday, 15 September 2019


Red monkey in the Gunung Palung National Park

Gunung Palong National Park offers ultimate biodiversity, flora and fauna of tropical rain forest. The tour to the Park presents scenery of mangrove forest over the journey on the Kubu Lake up the meranti tree, iron wood etc. on the high elevation of primary rain forest. The tour also offers possibility to see fauna from the complex primate orangutan, gibbon, great hornbills (buceros bicrnes), pied hornbills (anthracoceros albirostris), black hornbills (anthracoceros malayanus) woodpeckers (dryocopusjavensis) and magpie robin (copsychus saulari) small bird with good song to the simplest insects named “kreang”, which song loudly during the sunset and sunrise as if a sound of bigger animals. 
The Park does not only tropical rain forest and ultimate diversity of fauna but it has Lubuk Baji waterfall to experience. It is not a big waterfall as you are meaning however it is fresh water which makes anyone interested to take some shower under the canopy of the giant plants.
tropical rain forest of Gunung Palung National Park

Gathering with local people, visiting neighbors is very common in the village, in the evening before going to the bed, tourist normally visited by villagers. The villagers are some times try to talk to the villager to express that they are good hosts. They are humble, friendly and warm. They welcome the guest with coffee or tea. This is a moment to explain to the villagers in the context of “explaining the importance of green life.” This occasion is expected to be an effective way to educate the villagers regarding natural resources and how to keep them for the next generation. The society around the park consist of Malay, Chinese, Dayak, Bugis, Maduries  Javanese, Balinese etc. constitute living culture in harmony.  In short, the tour presents opportunity to jungle trekking, rain forest and meeting local people for “eco-tourism” understanding of local community.

1 person USD 450/pp

?  Includes:    Entry Permit, meals (Indonesian food), transport (Pontianak-Gunung-Pontianak (speedboat car public bus and ferry); accommodations (budget hotel or house of the local people), camping equipments; plastic tend, sleeping mate, sleeping bag (Asian size); 1 tourist 1 porter for camping equipment and foods.
?  Exclude:     Insurance, personal expenses, alcoholic drinks,
?  Extra porter: subjected to USD 50/trip.  
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  1. 6 Hours Pontianak City Sightseeing
    Pontianak the only town in Indonesia situated right on the equator line and divided by Kapuas River, and situated in the equator line, there’re is also well known Equator City. It is founded in 1771 Syarif Abdurrahman Al-Qadri, and now Pontianak is divided into 6 sub district.

    Pontianak plays important role and strategic place for trading. Pontianak lies astride the confluence of Kapuas and Landak River. Pontianak got it name from Kuntilanak which means women apparition appears in the night and sometimes seduces men for a help and she suddenly disappear in the dark.  Clik here for the details
  2. 21 Days Crossing Borneo
    19 days crossing Borneo stars in Pontianak, West ends in Balikpapan the East Coast offers full adventure; bus riding, river boating, and jungle trekking where the journey presents ultimate scenery of the most rugged Island in the globe.

    It is special interest program for active and energetic travelers organized by experienced people. This program occupies strength of rally on hard road, challenging rapids of Kapuas Rivers and Mahakam Rives, and high level of fitness, adventurous spirit and strong sense of determination. Do you want to join? Learn the following experience of the real adventure.
      Click here for the details
  3. Full Day Tour Long Island Pontianak
    Long Island Pontianak Tour “A” tour combines Nature Wetland, and Culture of the Suburban River Life. The Long Island offers beauty of scenery, bird watching and m0nkey watching and boat riding. It is reachable 45 minutes by motorized canoe. The culture of the river live offer local culture of the people on the

    Kapuas River banks that offers friendliness of local community. Photo taking means something special for the local people many time will asking you if you do not mind to picture with them.
    . Click here for the details


Malanggar Waterfall, West Borneo Indonesia
Alex Afdhal The Local Licensed Tourist Guide
10 Days 9 Night Explore west Borneo is a multi-day tour that includes Cultural Tour into Aboriginal Village and Back to Nature visiting The biggest Waterfall in the west Kalimantan, Malanggar. This trip Occupied Private car, boat and jungle walk.

This trip occupies middle rang to budget hotels, in some places. Like those in the National Park Danau Sentarum, visitors are accommodated in the Resort of the Ranger.
Diamond mining in the District Air Besar

Culturally, this trip visits aboriginal village of the Kenayatn, Iban, and Taman Society. Kenayatn Tribe spreads out the Landak Regency, situated northeast to the capital Pontianak, while Ibanese is spread out from Sintang Regency up to Sarawak Malaysia.  

Many of the population still maintain living in the tradition longhouses, with traditional lifestyle.

Scenery of the Sentarum Lake on the day time
Beside those cultures of the Dayak, this trip also offers unique cultures of Malay Society in the Floating Villages in the Sentarum National Park. Sintarum Lake, in Putusiabau Regency. 

The Sentarum Lake offers scenery of wetland, Honey farmer, and animals such as proboscis monkeys, birds life and fish farm. 

For those who love natures and culture this trio is an option.

The Fact: This trip is categorized easy, suitable for ages between 12 -70 years old, nature and culture lovers. Love to meet new people, less touristic.
It occupies private car chartered boa, eating in the local restaurant.

What to bring? Mosquito repellent, raincoat, sleeping bag, sunblock cream, hand sanitizer.

traditional costum of Ibanese
Woven Clothes of Ibanese

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Small group: Minimum 2 pax
Price: $$

Saturday, 14 September 2019



1. Day 1 Pontianak– Pangkalan Buun (LD)

The flight leaves in the morning at about 6:45 am and arrives in Pangkalan Bun at about 10:15 am (depends on the lenght of the transit in Ketapang Airport. You are transferred from air port by car to the Kumai. After lunch the tour start from Kumai harbor heading to Tanjung Harapan village where the first site of orangutan situated. rbor o to Ketapang overland. Overnight in the boat in Tangui camp site.

2. Day 2 Feeding orangutan (BLD)
proboscis monkeys in Tanjung Puting National Park
After an early morning breakfast our boat continues on to Pondok Tanggui Camp arriving at approximately 9:00 am. Be sure to prepare yourself with plenty of sun block and moisturizer.  Burns can happen surprisingly quickly on the equator. We will depart the boat for a short trek (approx.10 to 15 minutes) to reach the orangutans. Feeding the Orangutan in Pondok Tanggoi takes 1 1/2 to 2 hours depending on  your interest and desires.

After the feeding our tour proceeds to the famous Camp Leaky. On the way to the camp you will enjoy the biodiversity of a low elevation wetland. Often, wild boar or crocodile will be seen on our journey making a perfect focus for unique and exciting photo opportunities.

Next on our schedule we will witness a separate orangutan feeding. The guides and staff of the Tanjung Putting National Park will sometimes give instructions regarding what is allowed and what is prohibited within the park as well answer your questions and provide very knowledgeable information about jungle life and specifically orangutans. Most often, hornbill will be seen and heard flying above the canopy of the tropical rain forest.
We will then sleep amidst the relaxing sounds of the jungle for one more night on the Boat in Camp Leaky.
3. The Day 3 Camp Leakey –Pangkalan Bun  Airport (B)
After breakfast, an optional 2-3 hour jungle trek is available. You can leave Pangkalan Bun by Air to Banjarmasin, Jakarta, Ketapang, Pontianak, Semarang or Surabaya please be well confirmed for Pangkalan Bun to Surabaya, Jakarta, Ketapang, Pontianak, Semarang or Surabaya for the flight is not everyday. And be very aware the light subjected to change schedule.

This trip is easily suitable for all ages.
Transport includes  airplane, minibus, and traditional kelotok boat
Departure: Guaranteed
Price: US$ 466/pax. Group Size: Minimum 2 (for you, this price negotiable)
Schedule: Available anytime

Price includes: Transfer service from Hotel-Air port – Hotel. Air ticket; Pontianak-Pangkalanbun-Pontianak; 3 days boat; 1 night hotel in Ketapang , all meals
Alex Ibnu Afdhal; stated  in Lonely Planet Indonesia 7th edition 2003, p. 673 and in the 8th edition page 610. 
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Email at: or alexafdhal@yahoo.com

Hello Alex! We just arrived yesterday in the evening, after 36 hours in airports and planes, coming back from Manado. It was great, with smalls trecks in forests near volcanos, but less magic than travelling in Borneo with you.

Thanks again for every things you managed for us, with your experience and your friends. We'll never forget that. I 'll try to send you soon pictures and film on a DVD, and I need you write me the good adress for that .

I hope we can travel together an other time, why not for crossing Borneo, if Pascale and my schoulder are OK. See you later.

PS. Home address and email with MR. Alex Afdhal
There are miss spelling; but I feel I have no right to change.


The oldest Longhouse of  Dayak Kenayatn in Saham Village, has been existed more then 200 year

Long House, ‘Rumah Betang’ is a house traditional house of Dayak Society. Saham longhouse is the oldest traditional house of Dayak Kenayatn Society in west Kalimantan. The building is 180m long and there are 36 doors. In every single door is occupied by at least three extended family. It is occupied by a 264 people.
This trip offers cultural and anthropological aspect of Dayak Kenayatn. The Society is well know for they are

friendly and humble.
On the journey longhouse offers nice scenery of rice field area, rubber plantation, greenness hills, along the coast from Pontianak to Sungai Pinyuh. And also offers scenery of mixing society of multi-culture of different  ethnics such as Malay, Chinese,  and Dayak.  
The tour also offers Traditional Chinese Coffee in Sungai Pinyuh, a place figures out multi ethnic society.
After Sungai Pinyuh, the journey goes further through, Galang Villages, where on certain season there are pineapple stall on the roadsides. The village produces pineapple, rambutan and rice. Most of the villagers are farmers. They work on their own land grow poultry and other informal sectors.
Mandor Struggling Monument is another place and tourist object to stop recorded thousands people killed by Japanese Navy from 1942 to1945. There is Mass Grave Yard of the leader of West Kalimantan just 1,5km from the main road. Annually, in this, family of the missing people to pray and memorize the victims of brutality of the war. Since this reason year government defined, the regional morning day on the
Sehak Hills, the greenness area make the tour from the struggling monument up to the longhouse makes the tour tireless. The journey goes through villages which is nowadays the culture transform into more civilize. In some places the villager getting more varies in economic activities.
Pahuman, a small town is the point to get into the longhouse. It is situated 17 km from the main road. From here to the longhouse the taste of Dayak culture more exists. Stinky crumb rubber dried everywhere; as well cacao nut and rice in the harvest season become common scenery. Dayak People work hand and hand in the time of cultivating harvesting in the rice field. Taste of urban society exist and still maintained. At about afternoon the journey arrives in the Longhouse. It is the best time to observe, the culture of the society those who live in the longhouse. It is opportunity to talk with the people, and to socialize.
harvest fresh pineapple
The tour includes: Entrance fees, donations, soft drinks and lunch.
Transports: Chartered car and boat
Departure: Guaranteed
Trip dossier: Available upon request
Price:  € 114.50 /2 persons
Group Size: Minimum 2 pax, maximum 6 pax
Alex Afdhal?
consult: Lonely planet Indonesia the 7th edition 2003, p. 673, the 8th edition 2006, p. 610, and the Lonely Planet Borneo edition 2007, p. 237.” The Rough Guide to Southeast Asia on a budget, 1st edition, Nov., 2008, p.373/4
Feel free to contact at +62 811 566 008/+62 811 562 5678 (mobile)