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Malanggar Waterfall, West Borneo Indonesia
Alex Afdhal The Local Licensed Tourist Guide
10 Days 9 Night Explore west Borneo is a multi-day tour that includes Cultural Tour into Aboriginal Village and Back to Nature visiting The biggest Waterfall in the west Kalimantan, Malanggar. This trip Occupied Private car, boat and jungle walk.

This trip occupies middle rang to budget hotels, in some places. Like those in the National Park Danau Sentarum, visitors are accommodated in the Resort of the Ranger.
Diamond mining in the District Air Besar

Culturally, this trip visits aboriginal village of the Kenayatn, Iban, and Taman Society. Kenayatn Tribe spreads out the Landak Regency, situated northeast to the capital Pontianak, while Ibanese is spread out from Sintang Regency up to Sarawak Malaysia.  

Many of the population still maintain living in the tradition longhouses, with traditional lifestyle.

Scenery of the Sentarum Lake on the day time
Beside those cultures of the Dayak, this trip also offers unique cultures of Malay Society in the Floating Villages in the Sentarum National Park. Sintarum Lake, in Putusiabau Regency. 

The Sentarum Lake offers scenery of wetland, Honey farmer, and animals such as proboscis monkeys, birds life and fish farm. 

For those who love natures and culture this trio is an option.

The Fact: This trip is categorized easy, suitable for ages between 12 -70 years old, nature and culture lovers. Love to meet new people, less touristic.
It occupies private car chartered boa, eating in the local restaurant.

What to bring? Mosquito repellent, raincoat, sleeping bag, sunblock cream, hand sanitizer.

traditional costum of Ibanese
Woven Clothes of Ibanese

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Small group: Minimum 2 pax
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