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Red monkey in the Gunung Palung National Park

Gunung Palong National Park offers ultimate biodiversity, flora and fauna of tropical rain forest. The tour to the Park presents scenery of mangrove forest over the journey on the Kubu Lake up the meranti tree, iron wood etc. on the high elevation of primary rain forest. The tour also offers possibility to see fauna from the complex primate orangutan, gibbon, great hornbills (buceros bicrnes), pied hornbills (anthracoceros albirostris), black hornbills (anthracoceros malayanus) woodpeckers (dryocopusjavensis) and magpie robin (copsychus saulari) small bird with good song to the simplest insects named “kreang”, which song loudly during the sunset and sunrise as if a sound of bigger animals. 
The Park does not only tropical rain forest and ultimate diversity of fauna but it has Lubuk Baji waterfall to experience. It is not a big waterfall as you are meaning however it is fresh water which makes anyone interested to take some shower under the canopy of the giant plants.
tropical rain forest of Gunung Palung National Park

Gathering with local people, visiting neighbors is very common in the village, in the evening before going to the bed, tourist normally visited by villagers. The villagers are some times try to talk to the villager to express that they are good hosts. They are humble, friendly and warm. They welcome the guest with coffee or tea. This is a moment to explain to the villagers in the context of “explaining the importance of green life.” This occasion is expected to be an effective way to educate the villagers regarding natural resources and how to keep them for the next generation. The society around the park consist of Malay, Chinese, Dayak, Bugis, Maduries  Javanese, Balinese etc. constitute living culture in harmony.  In short, the tour presents opportunity to jungle trekking, rain forest and meeting local people for “eco-tourism” understanding of local community.

1 person USD 450/pp

?  Includes:    Entry Permit, meals (Indonesian food), transport (Pontianak-Gunung-Pontianak (speedboat car public bus and ferry); accommodations (budget hotel or house of the local people), camping equipments; plastic tend, sleeping mate, sleeping bag (Asian size); 1 tourist 1 porter for camping equipment and foods.
?  Exclude:     Insurance, personal expenses, alcoholic drinks,
?  Extra porter: subjected to USD 50/trip.  
Book at:          + 62 8115625678


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